Tennesse & Virginia officials making last minute preparations for Election day

BRISTOL, VA/ WASHINGTON COUNTY, TN (WJHL) – Polling officials spent most of Monday morning preparing for election day. Polling managers picked up their equipment and received some last minute training before voters head to the polls.

Derick Kestner will be one of thousands casting their votes tomorrow.

That’s why election officials at offices in Virginia and Tennessee are working non-stop to make sure there are no hiccups.

Bristol, Virginia elections administrator Penny Limburg

“We have officers that we have to train, and we have equipment that we have to pack up which is being delivered today in preparation for tomorrow,” Limburg said.

There is no option for early voting in Virginia only absentee.

Limburg says so far this year they’ve had more than 780 people vote absentee in Bristol, Virginia and over 11,700 people registered to vote.

While the number may seem overwhelming, Limburg says her team is ready to help voters cast their ballots.

“We have a strict security protocol that all the officers have been trained on so i’m confident that every votes will be counted,” Limburg said.

In Tennessee polling managers are given the rundown on how equipment should be set up. Machines were also packed up and taken to polling locations.

To make the process easier, voting officials in Tennessee are urging voters to make sure they bring a government issued photo ID.

Voters should also plan on casting ballots mid morning or mid afternoon. If you go early or after work- election officials say you may have to wait in long lines.

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