Chelsea Clinton speaks in Asheville, NC on the state’s last day of early voting

ASHEVILLE, NC (WJHL) –  Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump aren’t letting up in several key battle ground states, including North Carolina.

News Channel 11’s Justin Soto was in Asheville this evening where Chelsea Clinton was stumping for her mother’s campaign as both candidates work to get their last messages to voters three days before election day.

“This is just too important to just sit on the sidelines,” Chelsea Clinton said.

Nearly 200 people packed the Twin Leaf Brewery in Downtown Asheville to show support for their candidates daughter.

“I just hope she hears how many people are supporting her and her family,” Supporter, Amy Price said.

According to the latest CNN polls, North Carolina is still a tossup on their last day of early voting, alongside Arizona, Florida, New Hampshire and Nevada.

“We have to turn North Carolina blue from the top to the bottom of the ticket,” Chelsea Clinton said.

chelsea-2Chelsea spent time addressing topics like student loan dept and education, highlighting the key subjects she thinks America has neglected.

“What I think this election has really revealed is that we haven’t been teaching certain things that I think are crucially important, science is one of them, civics is another,” Chelsea Clinton said.

She also addressed making the world a better place for our children.

“For me this is ultimately about what we want for our children because every election has to be about the future,” Chelsea Clinton said.

Supporter, Amy Price encouraged people to get out and vote, especially for our youth.

Donald Trump was in Wilmington, North Carolina Saturday.

“We are just three days away from the change you’ve been waiting for,” Trump said.


Back in Asheville, Chelsea took a jab at Donald Trump’s campaign slogan.

“Make america great is thinly coated language for make america white, straight, male and wealthy, that does not include most of us,” Chelsea Clinton said.

With early voting closed in North Carolina, voters have just 72 hours left to wait.

“It’s really going to be a tight one and I hope that she is our first female president,” Supporter, Sara Hassinger said.

Chelsea Clinton thanked the crowd and the venue on her way out.

The Clinton campaign has stops in Ohio, New Hampshire and Florida early next week as the country waits for Nov. 8.

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