VIRAL: Thief steals Kit-Kat bar from car, leaves note

TOPEKA, KS (WIBW via CNN) – Kansas State freshman Hunter Jobbins was only away from his car for just a few minutes while he took a few things up to his dorm room.  But when he returned, he noticed something missing.

“I saw that the Kit-Kat was gone and at first I was like where’d my Kit-Kat go, I know I didn’t eat that,” said Jobbins.

That’s right, the thief didn’t take his cell phone or even his wallet —  only the Kit-Kat bar in his cup holder.

But the thief did leave something – an apology note scribbled on a napkin.

“It just said, ‘I saw a Kit-Kat in your cupholder.  I love them.  I didn’t take anything else from your car.  I’m sorry and hungry.  I really got a kick out of that, I thought it was really funny.”

Hunter gave the hungry thief that broke into his car a break.  He didn’t report the missing Kit-Kat to police.  He did, however, post the handwritten apology that he found in his car on his Twitter account, where it’s been shared and liked hundreds of thousands of times.”

“From that moment on it was just non-stop ‘likes’ and ‘retweets’.  Kit-Kat, they responded to me and got in touch with me and they’re going to send me some replacements.  It’s just really crazy how it all happened, ” said Jobbins.

Media outlets around the world are reporting on the Kit-Kat theft. . And Jobbins said students are even calling him the “Kit-Kat guy”

And the so-called Kit-Kat guy has some sweet advice for others.

“If you have candy in your car, I would probably hide it or there’s chance that the Kit-Kat thief might take it from you.”

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