Efforts to repair Boone Dam on schedule

BOONE DAM (WJHL) – Members of the Boone Dam repair project provided a clearer picture Thursday afternoon about the progress of a multi-million dollar plan to fix seepage in the embankment at the dam.

This comes after crews uncovered a sinkhole in the earthen embankment back in October 2014.

Members of the Boone project team said they are on schedule and expect to finish the project between the years 2020 and 2022.

They have been drilling holes into the embankment to determine what kind of concrete type substance called grout is needed to fill in the hole.

It’s all part of a plan to stop seepage.

Project leaders said right now they are working on the second component of that plan.

The first part of that plan involved what is called low mobility grouting – injecting a thicker material like a milkshake. That phase is finished, with about 540 holes filled with low mobility grout.

Now the team is working on injecting high mobility grout, which is more like chocolate milk and used to fix deeper and finer cracks. So far, 150 holes have this grout.

“The number one thing we want to do is we want to fix it right, we want to get it done as quick as we can, as safe as we can, but we want to use the components that are needed,” said Construction Manager Kevin Holbrook.

Starting November 14th, the team will fluctuate reservoir levels to evaluate the effectiveness of the low mobility grout.

They will continue working on the high mobility grouting and plan to do another fluctuation to test its effectiveness late 2017 or early 2018.

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