Washington County, TN schools to raise meal prices in 2017

WASHINGTON COUNTY, TN (WJHL) – Starting in January 2017, thousands of students in the Tri-Cities region will be paying more for school lunches.

At the Washington County, Tennessee Board of Education meeting Tuesday night they voted to raise meal prices for all grades.

Board of Education member Phillip McClain said the food services director brought it to their attention that they were not in compliance with state price guidelines.

“The members of the school board have no desire to raise fees, but when you come into a situation where you are not within state compliance, you really don’t have a choice,” McClain said.

In January students in elementary school will be paying 45 cents more per meal, the same goes for middle school students.

High school students in the county will be paying 65 cents more per meal.

“We looked at what five other counties were doing, and middle school for example, Hawkins County was $2.25, Johnson City was $2.60 and we are bringing ours up to $2.50,” McClain said.

McClain said the district will be sending out two separate notices to parents head of the price changes.

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