Enviraglass closes in Kingsport, property up for sale

KINGSPORT, TN (WJHL) –  A local business that once hoped to restore more than 100 jobs in the area is now closed.

Enviraglass, previously Heritage Glass, was scheduled to open back in September but never did.

Now, the city of Kingsport is trying to sale the property in hopes of restoring tax payer money.

Mayor John Clark was just one of many Kingsport City officials who wanted to see this Enviraglass thrive.

“I think the management team had an excellent business plan and they were motivated, driven, excellent, very passionate about what they were doing. And they secured customers too,” Mayor Clark said.

But just months later it’s a different scene. What was supposed to bring in 104 full-time jobs and close to 30 contractors is now an empty building up for sale.

“They decided not to move forward with the operations of the manufacturing of glass,” Clark said.

He said the company fell short on its capitol.

“It was several million dollars. It was significant. Sometimes that happens in business”.

The City of Kingsport’s Economic Development Board, along with management of Enviraglass invested in the new business.

“That’s why we’re very much actively engaged now with the Economic Development Council to market it and try and move and sell that property as soon as possible.”

Clay Walker, with Networks, Sullivan County, Bristol, and Kingsport’s Economic Development Organization, echoes Mayor Clark.

“It is a pretty specialized piece of property for the glass industry,” Walker said. “So it narrows our scope quite a bit, but we’ll aggressively be marketing it.”

Mayor Clark encourages the employees who lost their jobs to try to work for one of the 6 other manufacturers in the area. Or to take advantage of the academic village in downtown Kingsport to “re-tool” their skill set.

News Channel 11 reached out to the CEO of Enviraglass, Chris Taylor, for comment but has not received a response.

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