Sullivan Co. mom not giving up on push to remove Islam curriculum

SULLIVAN COUNTY, TN (WJHL)- A Tri-Cities mother will once again push to remove a textbook with Islam curriculum from her child’s school.

Michelle Edmisten went before the Sullivan County Board of Education earlier this month.


She asked the board to change the social studies textbook her child uses in middle school.

Edmisten said her daughter refused to complete some of the assignments because of their beliefs as Christians.

Weeks after making that first plea to the board, Edmisten said she’s going to give it another try.

“It is very hard for me as a Christian to agree with anything dealing with Islamic quote, unquote religion, I think in this book they refuse to teach history in its entirety,” Edmisten said.

At the last board of education meeting, members made it clear, changing a textbook is a process.

Monday night Director of Schools Evelyn Rafalowski said the process of changing a textbook starts with a form to request the change, and so far she said she hasn’t received that form from anyone, including Edmisten.

“My goal is to have that filled out,and filled out correctly, and yes, I would like to see that textbook removed immediately as I said at the last meeting,” Edmisten said.


In the mean time, Edmisten said she’s taken to social media, starting this page titled ‘Sullivan County Parents Against Islam Indoctrination.’

“Just basically trying to educate people, talk to me about ideas they have, or concerns they have,” Edmisten said.

Edmisten said her fight to change the textbook is one she is not giving up on.

“History is not the issue, it is Islamic theology, as a mom, it is my job until something is done, to speak up,” Edmisten said.

Director of Schools Evelyn Rafalowski said they have not finalized the agenda for next week’s board of education meeting, but as of now there is no mention of the social studies textbook on that agenda.

The Sullivan County Board of Education meets again on Monday in Blountville.

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