Erwin and Unicoi to vote on “wine in grocery stores” issue

UNICOI COUNTY, TN (WJHL) – Wine officially hit local grocery store shelves in the Tri-Cities region back in July.

But not every town voted on the referendum that put the alcoholic drink in supermarkets including the towns of Unicoi and Erwin.

However, this election, Erwin and Unicoi voters will decide if wine will be headed to their grocery stores.

Erwin Food Lion Assistant Store Manager Rocky Tilson told News Channel 11, back in July they started a petition to bring wine to their store.

“We were able to get enough signatures due to overwhelming support to put it to a referendum on the November ballot,” said Tilson.

“If it passes we expect to have wine within our stores in 6 to 8 weeks,” said Tilson.

Town of Unicoi Mayor Johnny Lynch told News Channel 11, recently residents have been pretty quiet on the issue.

“We haven’t heard any positive or negative comments,” said Lynch.

Lynch said he is neutral on the issue.

“I think it could make some difference economically. Of course we do have wine in our liquor stores available for sale so I don’t know it’d be hard to tell in a small town like this,” said Lynch.


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