Tri-Cities athlete makes MLB World’s Series debut

BRISTOL, VA (WJHL)- A Tri-Cities athlete is proving that dreams can come true after he officially made his debut on baseball’s greatest stage. Bristol, Virginia native Justin Grimm is competing for a World Series win as the relief pitcher for the Chicago Cubs. Grimm took the mound in World Series game one for the Chicago Cubs on Tuesday.

grimThe 5-year veteran is hoping to help bring a world championship to Cubs’ fans for the first time in 108 years. And fans aren’t only rooting Justin on from the baseball stands but from right here in the Tri-Cities. News Channel 11 spoke with Justin’s dad and former baseball coach who say they are hoping the major league star can bring home a World Series win.

The win flag is flying outside of the Grimm family’s home in Bristol, Virginia after the Cubs won game 2 of the World Series against the Cleveland Indians.

Grimm has already made history as a member of the first Cubs team to make a World Series appearance in 71 years. Justin’s dad, Mark Grimm said, “I think it hit him after the game that he finally pitched in the World Series and that’s something that no one can take away from him.”

grimm-dadJustin’s dad tells us his major league dreams have spanned nearly two decades, after seeing local major league star Jimmy Gobble make it to the big leagues. Mark Grimm said, “The day Jimmy Gobble got drafted, he came out and got Jimmy’s autograph and looked at me and said ‘I’m going to play professional baseball’.”

Justin suffered an injury in high school that meant sitting out his junior year but that didn’t stop him from moving forward. Virginia High’s head baseball coach Mark Daniels said, “The difference that I really saw in Justin at an early age was his work ethic; he just had a passion for the game and worked extremely hard.”

And it looks like Justin’s hard work has definitely paid off. Daniels said, “He’s been on the big stages… the state tournament with us, the college world series with Georgia and now the big league world series.”

He said, “I tell ya, if you were to ask Justin right now, the one thing that looms over him is that (championship) ring and I so hope and pray that they get it this year.”grimm2

The Grimm family along with some friends will be traveling to watch the rest of the World Series in person. Mark Grimm said, “It’s exciting to see him reach his dream, something he has always wanted.”

Mark Grimm said the community’s support for Justin, as he competes on baseball’s greatest stage, is overwhelming. Mark Grimm said, “I knew they were behind him, I knew they’d like to see a local guy do something but to see the response that he has gotten and the support that he has gotten is just unreal.”

Coach Daniels added, “It’s no surprise where he is right now and I promise you, the best is yet to come for that young man.”

Justin’s family and friends are on their way to cheer on #52 in Chicago as the Cubs are set to host the Cleveland Indians on Friday night for game 3 of the World Series.

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