TN Secretary of State visits Tri-Cities, calms concerns of a “rigged” voting system

JONESBOROUGH, TN (WJHL)- The man in charge of elections in Tennessee is going county to county to promoting early voting, and calming concerns of voter fraud.

We talked with Secretary of State Tre Hargett in Washington County Thursday. We asked him what he thought when he heard Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump making claims the voting system is “rigged.”

“Probably similar to the thoughts I had whenever President Obama questioned cyber security and the security of the election systems and machines. Anything that casts doubts in people’s minds and  might discourage them from voting I don’t take that very lightly,” Hargett said.

He said Tennesseans can be confident about their votes for a handful of reasons.

“These machines are not online. Somebody cannot get into the internet and hack into these voting machines,” Hargett said.

He also said the polls are run by people from all parties and election commissions across the state are bipartisan.

“We have placed accountability and checkpoints and checks and balances in the process that people can feel confident in the votes they cast here in Tennessee,” Hargett said.

“I pray that this will all be honest and that whoever wins, wins honestly,” early voter Faye McConnell said.

Early voting runs through Thursday, November third.

Hargett has a few tips for voters: He said you can bring any federal or state issued id, even if it’s expired.

He also said if you forget your ID when going to vote, you can fill out a form, vote, and bring your ID within two days.

According to Hargett, if you can’t afford an ID, there is a form for that too and you can still vote.

While this election has brought its fair share of controversy,  it’s also brought more voters to the polls.

Hargett said as of Wednesday 857,000 Tennesseans had voted early, up more than 20 percent from the 709,000 last year.

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