Chelsea Clinton visits Boone, NC for Early Vote Rally

BOONE, NC (WJHL) – A crowd on the campus of Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina welcomed the daughter of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton Thursday.

Chelsea Clinton told those in attendance they are lucky to live in a state where they can vote early and urged them to take advantage.

She detailed some of the missions of her mother’s campaign.

It was a day Vice President of College Democrats, Anderson Clayton, described as, “Overwhelming, exciting, wonderful, exhilarating, powerful.”

Chelsea Clinton spoke in front of a crowd 550 people deep, urging them to vote early, to support the Clinton-Kaine ticket.

“I don’t think any of us want to wake up on November 9th and think we could have done more,” Clinton said. “We need to turn North Carolina blue across the board.”

Thursday’s venue was filled with students – some even sporting their school bags – who said the rally and this election are important.

“I believe that anybody who says their vote doesn’t count, that’s craziness to me. My ancestors had to fight for the right to vote,” said ASU student Colan Dixon.

Clinton’s visit came as early voting sites opened across the state of North Carolina, including ASU’s student union.

“We have faced so much oppression throughout the past few months trying to get this site secured,” said Clayton.

A site Clinton encouraged attendees to stop by Thursday to make their voices heard in what she called the most important presidential election of her lifetime.

“Don’t forget what’s actually at stake in this election, what actually matters in our lives, in our families’ lives, in our communities’ lives, in our country’s lives, in our planet’s life and future,” said Clinton.

Early voting ends in North Carolina on November 5th. In Tennessee, early voting ends November 3rd.

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