Westboro Baptist church to protest Nashville LGBT center, Belmont University, and other locations

NASHVILLE (TENNESSEAN) – Kansas-based Westboro Baptist church plans to protest several locations in Nashville including Outcentral Nashville’s LGBT Center.

The group plans to visit Tennessee on Halloween, also picketing at Belmont University, and Vanderbilt University.

The Westboro baptist church has not been known to shy away from controversy, they are known nationally for their anti-LGBT demonstrations at military funerals.

The group sites Belmont’s bridge builders program as a large reason for their trip to Nashville.

The Bridge Builders program is Belmont university’s LGBT organization that focuses study on the connections between faith and sexuality.

Belmont Associate Provost and Dean of Students Jeffery Burgin said the university is aware the WBC plans on picketing and encouraged students not to engage.

Bridge builders president Hope Gibson says the organization “is going through the proper channels to make sure students, especially LGBT students are safe.”

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