App helps save Seattle man after heart attack

SEATTLE (AP) – What if you were having a heart attack – but were able to reach out to people electronically to let them know you were in trouble?

There is actually an app for that – and one man credits it for saving his life. Stephen DeMont, 60, collapsed at a bus stop near the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle.

While a medical student rushed over and began chest compressions, a cardiac nurse just getting off her shift at the hospital was alerted by her phone, sprinted outside and assisted until paramedics arrived.

Five days later, DeMont is walking, smiling and talking about how the PulsePoint app helped save his life.

It works along with a city’s 911 system. When a call comes in, it sends out an alert that CPR help is needed – as well as the location of the nearest portable defibrillator.

So far, about 900,000 people around the country have downloaded the app – and 34,000 people have been activated to pitch in in an emergency.

Seattle officials say the rescue shows the potential the free download has for connecting CPR-trained citizens with patients who urgently need their help.

The app is being used in 2,000 U.S. cities in 28 states.

PulsePoint app site:

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