City manager given more time to create plan to address Johnson City Fire Department issues

JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL) – If Johnson City’s firefighters think they’ll learn the city manager’s plan to address the issues within the department today, they will be disappointed.

The City Commission previously told City Manager Pete Peterson his employee relations strategy for the fire department was due today, but now leaders are giving him until the end of the year. As we reported earlier this week, the city is in the midst of a firefighter survey, which is aimed at identifying specific problems within the department.

“The survey that is under way will facilitate that (strategy),” Johnson City spokesperson Keisha Shoun said. “Results are expected by the end of November, and the plan to address findings will be complete by the end of the year. The overarching strategy will be developed after the results of the survey are compiled and analyzed. The Commission is aware and supportive of this process.”

Commissioner Jenny Brock says the extension “only makes sense to understand the issues better and the survey will be a key element in that understanding.”

Our investigation found, over the last year, multiple firefighters have raised several concerns about the behavior and leadership of Chief Mark Scott.

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