Tips for quality fall photography

(From the City of Kingsport)

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – Nobody wants to take bad looking photos.

Especially when fall colors are just now starting to pop.

Professional Photographer and How Charming Photography and Design Owner Heather Graves says that the quality of your fall photos take an investment and sometimes a top notch camera can be pricey.

“Most people like to go out and buy the body of a camera and have the lens all together in one,” explained Graves. “A good starting price is $400 dollars but they can increase up to $10,000 dollars depending on the body that you buy.”

If you can’t make this kind of investment, Graves says using a smartphone can work too. Just make sure to bump up the resolution in the camera settings as high as possible. Applying a filter can help boost or lower the colors depending on the tone you’re going for.

However you shoot, try to get the light on the subject or to the side. Direct sunlight can create extra challenges when it comes to bringing out the best in your photos.

“When it’s overcast or it’s cloudy, you don’t have sunspots on your subject’s head, you don’t have them squinting,” said Graves. “You’re not going back through the editing process and seeing sunspots all over clothes, jewelry, etc.”

Using a manual focus vs automatic is crucial. Manual allows you to “fine tune” the picture to greater clarity.

Another challenge in fall photo artistry is deciding what to colors to wear when stepping in front of the camera. There’s never a right or wrong when it comes to one’s perception of beauty, but it you may want to consider ditching green when posing with the trees.

“You want to not contradict the grass,” advised Graves. “I advise people to stay away from greens, turquoises, etc. blacks, browns, maroons, creams, and navy [blues] work well.”

Graves says the best time of day to take pictures is during the low light of morning and evening.

If you have further questions, you can email Heather Graves

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