Amidst GOP leaders dropping support, TN Republican Party “fully supports Trump”

TRI,CITIES, TN (WJHL)-Republican leaders here in the Tri-Cities are not happy with the lack of support for trump from GOP leaders.

Kent Harris, committeeman for Carter, Unicoi, and Washington Counties said there is nothing Trump has done to disqualify himself for the presidency and GOP leaders need to back him.

“I think the Republicans have been his biggest hindrance to get elected I think if the Republican Party would be supportive of Trump like they have other nominees, who a lot of us didn’t agree with, who said things and done things we didn’t agree with but we supported them, I think he’d win by a landslide,” Harris said.

Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Ryan Haynes said despite misconceptions that the Tennessee Republican Party does not support Trump, he says they fully endorse him.

“I can’t be more clear than I’m being with you right now, the Tennessee Republican Party supports Donald Trump,” Haynes said.

He said the confusion may have come from a statement where the Tennessee Republican Party told voters to “vote your conscience”

“We issued a statement saying vote your conscience and when, the remainder of that statement and the effect of it is if you vote your conscience and you think about the supreme court, taxes, healthcare, it will lead you to vote for Donald Trump,” Haynes said.





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