#BroughtBackTheBBQ: Chick-fil-A brings back The Original Barbeque Sauce

(Source: Chick-fil-A)

(WJHL) – Sometimes change is good, but other times change doesn’t go over all that easy. However, all is well in the world. Why? The general public expressed their concerns and they were heard.

Many were disgusted over Chick-fil-A introducing a new Smokehouse Barbeque Sauce back in July that replaced the Original Barbeque Sauce.

Chick-fil-A said, “We thought we were serving up a bold new flavor you’d love. But your response was even bolder.”

Chick-fil-A read comments, petitions and numerous posts on social media with the hashtag #BringBackTheBBQ.

And they #BroughtBackTheBBQ.

Beginning mid-November, the Original Barbeque Sauce will return to the Chick-fil-A menu at restaurants nationwide. This sauce will replace the Smokehouse Barbeque Sauce.

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