4-year-old missing girl found safe; Suspect West Hogs in custody

Photo from the Daily’s convenience Store located at Antioch Pike (TBI)

(WJHL) – The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation reports a four-year-old girl who was reported missing from Florida has been found safe in Memphis. In addition, the TBI reports her abductor, West Hogs, is in custody.

The TBI released the news in a tweet Monday afternoon.

No details were immediately released as to how the two were found and what charges Hogs face.

(Courtesy: Kimberly Wheeler)
(Courtesy: Kimberly Wheeler)

Polk County, Florida, sheriff Grady Judd said during a news conference earlier Monday that Hogs took Rebecca Lewis on Saturday. They had been spotted on a surveillance video footage at a convenience store in Nashville.

Hogs is a friend of Rebecca’s family but had not seen them in more than two years. He was asked to leave the family’s home over two years ago after pulling a gun on the family.

Sheriff to man who abducted 4-year-old Rebecca Lewis: ‘Don’t you hurt that baby’

Investigators from Florida to Tennessee searched for the 4-year-old girl they say was taken from her home in central Florida by a longtime family friend who is driving a car with an Alabama license plate.

Four-year-old Rebecca Lewis was seen early Monday morning with her abductor 31-year-old West Wild Hogs.

The TBI revealed this afternoon, the suspect and the abducted girl were spotted at Daily’s Convenience store in Antioch, TN — just outside Nashville at Antioch Pike and Interstate 24 around 2:30 a.m. Central Time.

An Amber Alert for the girl was issued overnight in East Tennessee for the girl since it was believed that she was in extreme danger.

The TBI also received a “credible report” of a sighting of Rebecca Lewis and 31-year-old West Hogs on Sunday night in Campbell County, TN. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office in Florida says a park ranger in Campbell County, Tennessee, reported seeing a man and child matching the description of Hogs and Rebecca on Sunday night.

The pair was also previously spotted at a gas station in Forsythe, Georgia, on Saturday evening in a car with a stolen Alabama license plate.

West Wild Hogs, a family friend, is also known as Matthew Clark Pybus. He legally changed his name to West Wild Hogs and is reportedly from the Seale, Alabama area.

Hogs is also wanted for Auto Theft in Phenix City, AL.

“Here’s a message for West Wild Hogs: don’t you hurt that baby,” Polk County Sheriff Judd said. “You keep her safe.”

Earlier, Judd pleaded with the public to help search for the girl. The sheriff says he’s “not above a bunch of good ol’ boys grabbing that 4-year-old girl.”

Judd says Hogs is a friend of Rebecca’s family but said he’d been asked to leave the family’s home over two years ago after pulling a gun on them.

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The Associated Press Contributed to this report.

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