Elizabethton Trump supporters raise over $200 for local veterans

ELIZABETHTON, TN (WJHL) –  A group of Donald Trump supporters gathered Saturday at the VFW in Elizabethton for the Trump for Vets Community Expo.

The goal is to raise money for our local veterans.trump-event-2

“This is a great way to raise some money for the veterans, if it’s not for them we don’t have any safety in our country,” Organizer, Lora Owens said.

They accepted donations at the door and local businesses also came out to sell their products. The event included food, bluegrass, photography and more. The group raised over $250 for our local veterans.

News Channel 11 asked Lora Owens if Trump’s recently revealed comments about women changed her views on him. Owens is still in support of her candidate.

“Thats been several years ago and people change over time and if you look at what he’s supposedly done or said that has nothing to compare with what all Hillary has done to our country,” Owens said.

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