This week’s Educator of the Week is Brad Stubbs from Tennessee High School.

Brad Stubbs knew he was going to be a teacher after all, his parents and sister are both educators. but a twist of fate sent his

career on a different path.


stubbsStubbs is in his 13th year teacher students with special needs at Tennessee High School.  It all started after he was asked to become

a permanent substitute. he reluctantly agreed back then

Now he says he can’t see himself teaching any other class.

He has about 10 students per day.  His students learn much more than just their school work.  “Some of the tasks and the

skills that i teach are problem solving skills, budgeting, money skills, job skills in general. Some times we even have to teach

hygiene skills and life skills that allow them to succeed after high school, Said Stubbs.

You may have noticed. his arm in a sling. he’s also a football coach and told me he was acting a little younger than he is. all the

days work for this dedicated teacher. Congratulations to Brad Stubbs.  This week’s Educator or the Week

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