Horry County, S.C. emergency teams continue preparations for Matthew, concerned about flooding


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WJHL) – News Channel 11’s Jordan Moore and photographer Chris Greer continued their coverage of Hurricane Matthew Friday by interviewing emergency teams on how they are preparing for the storm.

Jordan spoke with Horry County, S.C.’s Public Information Officer Lisa Bourcier, who said the emergency operations center went fully operational on Wednesday and said they would maintain that schedule until the weather event has passed.

“We have close to about 300 people in our shelters,” Bourcier said. “We probably should have a little bit more and our public bus transportation system ceased operations providing that type of transportation for the shelters at 2 p.m. We’re hoping everybody has paid heed to those directions.”

Bourcier said around 300 National Guardsmen came in Thursday to provide support for a lane reversal if needed. She said so far they’ve provided an additional presence along the roads to help facilitate the evacuation.

“We have a lot of concerns with flash flooding, a lot of road closures, utility outages and things of that nature,” Bourcier said.

She said they are currently concerned with the nearby rivers, which she said are at the flood stage now.

“We believe that they will go over those banks with the storms as well, so we’re pre-planning a lot of things,” Bourcier said. “We know we’re going to have probably some people that didn’t heed the warnings and want out. When it gets to such conditions, sometimes we’re not able to provide that assistance, so we kind of have to wait and see what needs are out there in the community, plan for recovery and try to get through this the best that we can.”

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