Hot temperatures wreaked havoc on Unicoi Co. orchards

Unicoi County apple orchards said hot temperatures wreaked havoc on their apples this year.

UNICOI COUNTY, TN (WJHL) – Unicoi County will host it’s 39th Annual Apple Festival this weekend.

But there may not be as many apples up for sale this time around.

Several orchard owners told News Channel 11, this year’s weather wreaked havoc on their apples, causing white rot and other issues.

True Apple Orchard Owner David True said white rot is caused when the weather reaches above 87 degrees and this year the Tri-Cities experienced more than 60 days over 90 degrees.

True said most orchards in the Flag Pond and Coffee Ridge areas were effected by this issue.

“We also had an early spring. Then after we had a bloom we had a freeze, some frost problems so that caused us some additional problems,” said True.

True told News Channel 11, he was able to harvest about 50% of his apples which he will bring to the festival this year.

The festival will begin tomorrow and wrap up on Saturday.




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