U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs says ARCH not given grant because of “untimely response to audit request.”

statementJOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL) – New information from the federal government details why arch or the Appalachian Regional Volition on homelessness was not awarded grant money to help homeless veterans.

The United States department of Veteran Affairs is telling us the non-profit’s grant was not renewed because of a “untimely response to an audit request.” Veterans like Chucky Hairston say all they want is a little bit of help, but that help won’t come from ARCH since they don’t have the funding.

“ARCH is a good place, they help a lot of people they help a lot of soldiers that is what we need, so why take it away, why couldn’t they get the grant?” Chucky Hairston said.

U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs sent us a statement that says in part, the grant was not renewed because of an untimely response to an audit request in January 2016. ARCH executive director Anne Cooper says they did everything possible to respond to the Veteran Affairs request.

“We worked with the auditor for 8 months to get her the material she needed, she requesting several things it was a very difficult audit because of the financial software that people incorporated our subcontractor used but we gave her everything that she needed,” Cooper said.

Cooper provided News Channel 11 with emails dating back to December of last year when that audit was first requested from the Veterans Affairs office.

“We stayed on the phone until 8 o’clock at night on several occasions, 174 emails that is not even counting the text messages and the phone calls that we had with her to try to get her the information that she needed,” Anne Cooper said.

Even though there is no funding, arch is still taking in veterans and for now referring them to volunteers of America currently based in Knoxville.

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