JC Commissioner asks board to reconsider Bank of TN/Gray Annexation Resolution

GRAY, TN (WJHL) – Johnson City commissioner Jenny Brock is asking the board to reconsider the Bank of Tennessee Gray Annexation project after their 3 to 2 “no” vote last month.

She stepped out for a break after hearing hours of public comment on a separate issue.

“When I came back in the next ordinance has already been introduced,” Commissioner Brock said.

Brock said she thought they were discussing the rezoning of the property at the time.

“I just got it wrong I didn’t realize we were voting on the annexation and so in fairness to the petitioner i want to bring that back,” Commissioner Brock said.

If passed, the land will be rezoned to B-4 which allows for liquor stores on the property.

Ronnie Dunford works at Shear Image Salon, right next to the property.

“I have no problem with the idea of a liquor store being here because you have to travel outside the area anyway let’s just keep business here,” Dunford said.

“I’m not pleased,” Vice Mayor Tomita said.

Vice Mayor David Tomita said this issue was voted down in the planning commission, in its first go around and voted down on second reading.

“Three times that this item has failed and we’re doing something that the city of Johnson City, to anybody’s recollection has never done and that’s a do over,” Vice Mayor Tomita said.

But Commissioner Brock said she doesn’t see any reasons for an objection.

The commission will now listen to public comment one more time to decide the fate of the land on the corner of Bobby Hicks Highway and Roy Martin Road.

At least three commissioner must agree to the move

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