When will leaves change color in East Tennessee?

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – We’re heading into one of the prettiest times of year in East Tennessee as the leaves continue to change color.

October is finally here and we are finally starting to see some fall-like temperatures. The cool mornings and warm, dry days coming up over the next week will help the fall foliage to pop.

There’s not a lot of color-changing going on now, but there is some color above about 3,500 feet. We are just starting to see those leaves change, and this is right on time for this time of year.

Above about 4,000 feet, we start to see those colors changing in early October and then the Foothills locations when you get to around 2,000 feet and below is more likely around mid-October.

As you head back towards the Plateau you’ll start to see it in early-mid October as well and those will come down towards the Valley floor later into October, especially as we go from the third week of October through about Halloween.

It may be a little slower this year as dry as it has been, but again, with the cool mornings and warm, dry days coming up, it should help to accelerate the process.

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