VDOT announces speed limit changes to Route 19 in Southwest Virginia

(WJHL) – State road officials say the speed limit will soon increase on one of the most traveled roads in Southwest Virginia. The Virginia Department of Transportation will soon change the speed signs on a section of Route 19 in Russell and Tazewell counties.

The speed limit is increasing 10 miles per hour from 55 to 65.

The following is news release from VDOT:

This month, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) will change the speed limit on two sections of Route 19. The speed limit will increase from 55 mph to 65 mph on Route 19 in the Lebanon area and Route 19/460 in the Tazewell area.

VDOT will begin installing the new speed limit signs in October and it will take until late October to switch out the signs. The changes will affect about 10 miles of Route 19.

These areas of Route 19 met the criteria for VDOT to consider a speed limit change as set forth in Senate Bill 408 that was passed by the General Assembly in 2004. This law allows VDOT to conduct engineering studies on limited access roads such as the Route 19 Lebanon Bypass and the Route 19/460 Tazewell Bypass and consider raising the speed limit up to 70 mph.

VDOT examined the alignment of the road, spacing of interchanges, operating speed and crash history to determine that 65 mph was an acceptable speed for the following sections of Route 19:




New Limit

0.09 miles north of Route 841 (Pioneer Drive) in Russell County

0.18 miles south of the on-ramp from Route 654 (Pittston Road)

4.43 miles

65 mph

0.12 miles north of Route 19/460 Business (Western Intersection) in Tazewell County

0.18 miles south of the off-ramp to Route 678 (Market Street)

5.15 miles

65 mph


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