Bristol Virginia man recalls clown sighting, Sheriff’s Office on alert

BRISTOL, VA (WJHL) – The Washington County Virginia Sheriff’s Office is upping patrols in the High Point community after someone reported a clown sighting in Bristol, Virginia. on Conner Lane Monday night.

That sighting happened Monday night on Conner Lane and before that incident, clown sightings in the region and across the country were somewhat of a joke to Bradley Chapman and his brother-in-law Alex Kayian.

“The clown was standing right there and had white face covered in all black with white eyes,” Chapman said.

Kayian told News Channel 11 that after he saw a man dressed as a clown in the backyard of Bradley’s Conner Lane, he and his brother-in-law both believe this is no laughing matter.

Bradley Chapman says he is concerned about the clown sightings, especially with a two-year-old son who often plays in the backyard.

Alex Kayian says he was standing outside a shed getting ready to push a lawn mower inside when he spotted the clown.

“A man was standing about 10 to 15 feet away from me, just staring at me,” Kayian said.

Kayian says the Clown ran off when he reached for a firearm on his side.Deputies were called and they searched the area for about an hour but couldn’t find anything.

“Obviously the individual is trespassing most likely, they are on property that they may not have the authorization to be on,” Fred Newman said.

Washington County sheriff Fred Newman says people dressing as clowns and going on private property could face charges.

For now Bradley says he and his family will be on alert. He is advising others to do the same.

“Just be on guard,” Chapman said.

Sheriff Newman urges anyone who sees any suspicious activity to call their office immediately.

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