Elizabethton teen hospitalized after e-cigarette explodes on ride at Orlando theme park

Source: Caroline Saylor

ORLANDO, FL (WJHL)- 14-year-old Caroline Saylor from Elizabethton was hospitalized over the weekend after police said an e-cigarette exploded inside a ride at a theme park in Orlando.

“The guy who was sitting right next to me, something blew up in his pocket and it went on me. I just saw like a bunch of fire and smoke go in my face and then I tried to get it off of me and it went on the floor and I jumped up on the seat,” Caroline said.

caroline-saylor-2Orlando police said a family of five from Tennessee was on the Harry Potter Train ride at Universal, along with three other teenagers when an e-cigarette device exploded inside one of the teenafullsizer2gers pockets.

Caroline’s mother Melissa Saylor describes the scary situation.

“Initially we thought it was part of the ride, it almost sounded like a firework, and it just kind of exploded everyone started jumping everywhere. Everybody was banging on the door trying to get out because at the time we didn’t know what it was it was still on fire,” Melissa said.

Caroline had injuries to both of her arms and legs, her neck and even her face. She also sustained first and second degree burns but is still in good spirits.

“We went back today and it was good I’d go back again. I’m fine, they’re going to take some time to heal,” Caroline said.

The Saylor family said they are pleased with how the theme park handled the incident.

Police said the three teenagers then fled the park and the incident appears to be accidental.

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