6 injured after racing incident at Newport Speedway

Kelly Logan, WJHL Viewer

NEWPORT (WATE) – Six people were taken to the hospital following an incident at Newport Speedway, Saturday night.

Newport Speedway releasing updates on their Facebook page saying, “During the Southeast Super Truck event last night during the SEST race on lap 48, the # 3 truck driven by Jimmie Roberts had the throttle to hang wide open as he was entering turn 1. Roberts truck hit the wall and then got up into the catch fence. Jimmie received a few bruises but was not hurt, as the safety features of the race truck did their job. The catch fence was damaged and caused some fans to be injured.”

The statement also said that all six fans that were injured received non-life threatening injuries.

“One female fan, has been diagnosed with concussion like symptoms. Another female fan received a laceration to her leg. A male fan was transported to UT with injuries to both legs. He did not receive any broken bones.”

The other three fans were transported to area hospitals with minor injuries.

Newport Speedway also thanked all local first responders that came to the aid of those injured.

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