Jonesborough police chief resigns

JONESBOROUGH, TN (WJHL)- The police chief in Tennessee’s oldest town has resigned. His resignation comes after Major Natalie Hilton resigned in August.Hilton served on the Jonesborough police force for 14 years.

Chief Matt Hawkins, who served as police chief for more than six years, was placed on paid administrative leave September 1st.

Friday evening we got a letter from Jonesborough’s Director of Public Safety Craig Ford.

Ford said on August 10, Hilton submitted her letter of resignation to the police department. After her resignation, Ford said he interviewed Hilton about why she was leaving. Ford said she complained about her treatment within the organization.

Ford said he was already in the process of reviewing the police department’s leadership and as a result of that review and the interview with Hilton he placed the chief on paid administrative leave on September 1st.

Ford said there is a difference in management philosophy that cannot be resolved, so Hawkins has submitted his letter of resignation.

We talked with Natalie Hilton over the phone Friday. She told us part of the reason she resigned was because she could no longer deal with the hostile working environment.

In his resignation letter, Hawkins said “While I consider my conduct as Police Chief to be beyond reproach, I tender my resignation to allow my officers to focus on their skills and dedication to maintaining the Town of Jonesborough as a safe and enjoyable place to live.”

Resignation letter: resignation-letter-matthew-b-hawkins

Letter from town of Jonesborough: town-of-jonesborough-letter

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