Elizabethton leaders visit Minnesota to continue talks to keep Twins team

ELIZABETHTON, TN (WJHL)- The future of the Elizabethton Twins remains uncertain at this point but city leaders remain hopeful that the Twins tradition will continue in Elizabethton. This summer, the Minnesota Twins asked the city for nearly $2 million in stadium improvements. twins

City leaders say the possibility of the Twins’ rookie league team remaining in Elizabethton is looking good. Parks and Recreation Director Mike Mains said, while there is still work to be done before an agreement is reached, he remains optimistic that the Twins will be staying in Elizabethton. Mains, along with Elizabethton Mayor Curt Alexander, flew to Minneapolis on Tuesday to continue talks to keep the Twins in town.

Mains said, “We once again reaffirmed with them their commitment to want to be in Elizabethton so from this point on, we’re going to work to see what we can do and even seek out private donors that may want to help us through this process.

twins2Mains said any improvements that are made to the field will not only help the twins but will help the community in general, as Elizabethton high school also uses Joe O’Brien field for their baseball games.

Mains said, “We also have a high school team that plays here and whatever we do at the stadium will benefit our teams locally so that’s something that is very important.”

Mains said the Minnesota Twins are expected to hire a new general manager in two months and discussions to keep the twins in town can continue then.

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