WJHL Speed Patrol: Police say speeding is major factor in Elizabethton car crashes

ELIZABETHTON, TN (WJHL) – This week WJHL Speed Patrol is monitoring drivers on Gap Creek Road in Elizabethton. Police say speeding is one of the main causes of crashes in Elizabethton and the Gap Creek Road area is one of high concern.

“What people need to understand is the safer they travel, the safe it makes everybody,” Major Shannon Peters said.

Major Shannon Peters with Elizabethon police says speeding and distracted driving are key factors in crashes that happen in city limits.

He says that is why it is important to have officers like Corporal Doug Combs on the streets monitoring drivers.

“The traffic guys look for texting while driving, seatbelt usage, speeding, obeying traffic signals and signage and things of that nature,” Major Peters said.

We went along with Corporal Combs while he monitored driver’s speed along Gap Creek Road.

Using a calibrated radar gun, it wasn’t long before he clocked one speeder going 54 in a 30 mile per hour zone.

“We explain all the three options to them and then have them sign the citation,” Corporal Doug Combs said.

“If they will obey the speed limits and use a little extra time to get to their destination, then everybody around and everybody traveling will be safe.”

Bottom line, if you speed in Elizabethton be prepared to pay a hefty fine and in some cases face jail time.

If you know of an area with speeding concerns, please send us a message: http://wjhl.com/wjhl-speed-patrol/

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