Kingsport Fire Department sets forth 10 year plan for renovations

KINGSPORT, TN (WJHL) – The Kingsport Fire Department has put a plan in place that will help with some major issues for the eight stations they have throughout the city.

kfd-10-year-plan-2Chief Craig Dye said the $3.9 million dollar plan was put into place because the city just doesn’t have the manpower within their maintenance department to address the issues with the aging buildings.

“Building maintenance usually takes care of the buildings. We have a shortage of manpower in that division and a shortage of funds. So preparation and putting a plan together because the city has a lot of real estate”, said Dye.

The department’s oldest building dates back to 1941 while the newest was just built six years ago.

Chief Dye said the department has double within his 33 years there and that this plan was put into place because maintaining these buildings is a necessity for the department to function properly and for the safety of his employees.kfd-10-year-plan-1

Dye said, “Let’s plan this out. Come up with a plan and give it time so set maintenance money we have and then other funds that we can get and not let the stations just deteriorate till their unusable.”

One of the main issues he highlighted was some of the station’s exhaust located too close to the dormitories of the employees and needs to be properly relocated to maintain air quality.

The plan will address the stations with the worst problems first and will move on to less serious issues as the project moves forward.

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