JCPD received over 40 calls from The Library Nightclub in five month span, clubgoers concerned

Editor’s Note:The original number of police calls have changed since this story was originally published, one club had higher call numbers than the Library.

JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL) – Johnson City Police have responded to over 40 calls in the past five months from The Library Night Club on W. Walnut St and it’s causing some people concern.

In May, Dustin Street and his girlfriend Miranda Jones went to The Library for the first time and were looking forward to a fun night out. Street said they noticed a group of girls staring at them throughout the night and when they went to leave around 3 a.m. on May 22, Jones was hit with a beer bottle.

“Couldn’t tell at first who it was, who got hit, and of course I go running up there and realize that it’s my girlfriend. We didn’t go out that night expecting to get hit with a beer bottle,” Street said.

Updated numbers from The Johnson City Police Department records show 46 calls from the Library during the five month span between March 1 and Aug. 8, Electric Cowboy’s 35, Capone’s 15 and Numan’s 71. Although Numan’s has the highest number of calls during this time frame Library clubgoers are still concerned.

During that same time frame, The Library had 22 police reports filed, Electric Cowboy 10, Capone’s 3 and Numan’s 12.

Despite concern from clubgoers, Johnson City Police Lt. Scotty Carrier isn’t overly concerned with The Library.

“Like with any night club if you’ve got younger people with alcohol involved, especially now with ETSU coming back, you’re just going to have a propensity for a higher call volume,” Carrier said. He said he doesn’t believe there is anything that makes The Library an exceptionally bad place for police calls.

In a joint statement from club owners, Michelle Gibson and James Duke, they said security measures are in place and constantly being revised to ensure guest enjoyment and employees are trained to deal with any incidents:

“Since opening in the Spring of 2016, The Library has become one of Johnson City’s most popular college-crowd venues .  Security measures are in place, and are constantly being revised, to ensure each guest enjoys their experience.  Senior staff bring over 50 years of combined management experience. All security cameras are monitored from a central station and security staff are connected through wireless communication devices.  Employee to occupancy ratios and security concerns are of the utmost importance at The Library.  Each employee is trained to deal with any incidents that occasionally arise, including working with local law enforcement when necessary.”


But avid clubgoer, Robin Cooper said there needs to be more done about safety.

“The only issue that I see that the library has is that they don’t search anyone at the front door at all. Me, I’m an older guy, it doesn’t bother me as much but all of these kids coming out, you know, it’s them you’ve got to think about it,” Cooper said.

Street feels the club didn’t do enough.

“I just feel like out of respect, that the owner should have contacted not necessarily me but her just to apologize,” Street said.

Despite the amount of calls, Lieutenant Carrier said they like to have an increased presence as all clubs let out to ensure everyone gets home safely.

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