Hole develops on Boones Creek Road in Johnson City; Initial fix to be completed Thursday

JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL) – A 15-20 year old copper pipe leak is to blame for a hole in the middle turn lane on Boones Creek Rd. in Johnson City.

Crews have one land of traffic blocked in both directions near 3042 Boones Creek Road, across from Meade Tractor of Johnson City, due a large hole that formed in the middle of the road. sink-hole

Currently, there is one lane open heading towards Interstate 26.

Public Works crews estimate the hole is eight-feet by 14-feet. Crews say, that is about the size of a turn lane.

Mike Arsenault from Johnson City Public works said this was most likely a freak accident. “I don’t think people need to be worried about it, we have miles and miles of water line throughout the city and we have crews who spend everyday repairing lines and sometimes this like this will happen,” Arsenault said.

After an assessment, officials determined the hole developed due to a leaking water line that corroded underneath the roadway. So, it’s not a sinkhole as we previously reported. Earlier this morning, the hole appeared to be about the size of a man hole, but a Johnson City Police Officer told News Channel 11 the hole was much bigger underneath.

No customers are without water at this point.

Johnson City Public Works, Water and Sewer Department and a geologist for the Tennessee Department of Transportation are investigating and assisting each other with repairing the line.

Crews told News Channel 11 they are putting in various sized rocks and asphalt to fill the hole. and they hope to have the initial work done by Thursday afternoon. However, it may be some time before a total fix is put in place. 

So if you are in the area, drive with caution or take an alternate route.

Johnson City Public Works employees are on scene now. No word yet on how long this will take to be repaired, so be prepared for traffic delays or take alternate routes to miss the area.

News Channel 11 is following this story, we’ll post the latest details as soon as they become available.

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