Dickenson County Sheriff increases presence at school following ‘bad joke’ of threat

DICKENSON COUNTY, VA (WJHL)- A Southwest Virginia sheriff’s office will continue to provide additional officers at a high school this week after students were overheard joking about a threat.

Dickenson County Sheriff Bobby Hammons said it started Tuesday when a student overheard two others students talking about the threat of a shooting at Ridgeview High School.

Officers said they believe it was a threat that turned out to be a bad joke, but Sheriff Hammons said this is something they are taking very seriously.

“I had additional man power at the school, of course a lot of parents were checking their children out, and there were a lot of children that didn’t show up. I want to assure the people, and the public, and the parents we are being very vigilant and staying on top of this matter,” Hammons said.

Sheriff Hammons said so far no charges have been filed.

We also reached out to Dickenson County Schools who responded in a statement saying:

     On Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2016,  a possible threat in the school was reported to the Ridgeview High School administration.    It was immediately investigated by the school’s Threat Assessment Team including law enforcement, and it was determined after a thorough investigation that there was no credible threat or danger.   Two students who were inappropriately joking with each other were overheard by other students, and these students  immediately reported it to school’s administration.  The Dickenson County Sheriffs’ Department posted on Facebook last night about the alledged incident and the determination of the Threat Assessment Team and law enforcement.  We understand  the significant concern and anxiety that these type of situations cause for parents and for all of us, but the Threat Assessment Team including law enforcement determined that there was no credible threat or danger to any student or staff at Ridgeview High School. Please be assured that the safety of our students and our staff is the most important priority in our school division, and that this priority will not be compromised. -Haydee L. Robinson, Division Superintendent.

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