Two Kingsport schools receive crucial time-saving film to help deter intruders


KINGSPORT, TN (WJHL) – As a school resource officer at John Sevier Middle School, it’s Officer Brad Conkin’s job to make sure students and faculty are safe.

So when he found out about ‘entry deterrent window security film’ at the annual Tennessee School Resources Conference, he and Dobyns-Bennett High School SRO, Justin Humphries, said they had to get it at their schools.

“This year we were introduced to a security film that can be placed on school windows to prevent or delay entry into the school,” Conkin said.

John Sevier Middle School and Dobyns-Bennett High Schools are the first in the region to install the film.

“Any preventative measures that we can take to keep the students and the faculty safe is a plus for the school,” said Humphries.

The security film will be placed on each entrance of the school, making it harder for introducers to get in, and giving officers more time to respond.

Owner of Kingsport’s Pro Tint, Kenneth Jackson, is donating the labor to install the film.

“Somebody comes up and busts the window, they’re through in just 3 or 4 seconds. With the security film, you can kick it, you can hit it with a baseball bat, you can do anything you want to it, but it’s going to take a lot more time, minutes to get through it,” he explained.

Jackson estimates his donation will save the schools $4,000 to $5,000.

“Told him I would donate my time that way we can get it on the schools because it is a product I believe in,” he said.

Both teachers and parents say they are thankful for the donation.

Schaun Potts is a teacher at John Sevier and also has a child who attends the school.

“It makes me feel a lot safer as a teacher and especially safe having a daughter that attends school here as well,” he said.

Officers hope to eventually see the film installed at all schools around the region.

Officer Conkin said, “It’s the real deal. I think every school should have it and I hope it’ll spread throughout the city and we’ll have it even on the elementary school level.”

SRO’s said the security film should be installed within the next couple of weeks.

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