Day two of hunt for loose Mount Carmel pig ends


MOUNT CARMEL, TN – Day two of the hunt for a pet pig loose in Mount Carmel has ended.

Police, fire officials, public works and members of the community spent hours trying to track it down.

Emily Lawson says it all started about a month and a half ago.

“It was my mom’s birthday and my sister wanted to get her a pig because my mom has always wanted a pig,” Lawson said.

She said they had the pet for a day, and on the second day let her outside for some fresh air.

“We didn’t think she’d jump off the porch because you know it’s fenced in, and she jumped right off it and ran,” said Lawson.

Mount Carmel police and other agencies got involved Monday, after receiving several complaints from neighbors about property damage.

Tuesday, they said they have a better grasp on its behavior patterns.

“We know that it stays in this one area, pretty much in Hammond Estates, and it doesn’t venture too far away no matter where we chase it,” said Sergeant Kenny Lunsford with the Mount Carmel Police Department.

Officials said they are trying to stop the pig in the most humane way possible with nets and other catch poles.

“We’re trying to get it cornered to where we can get nets and where it’ll run to the net, and now we’ve got this other netting we’re going to try, try to run it toward that netting,” Lunsford said.

It’s a scenario Emily Lawson and her family are hoping for.

“We’re just trying to catch her and make sure she’s safe and out of here and not messing with people’s stuff so everyone can just be happy again,” Lawson said.

Police said they are resuming the search Wednesday morning.

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