Virtual health clinics coming to local schools


BRISTOL, TN (WJHL) – Local school nurses are getting some extra help when it comes to caring for their students.

Niswonger’s Children’s Hospital is bringing doctors into schools using what they are calling a Virtual Health Clinic.

When students visit the school nurse, they will remotely connect to a First Assist Urgent Care doctor or nurse practitioner using special video equipment.

The technology will allow the doctor to look inside the student’s throat, mouth, ears, and eyes, just as if they were actually in the doctor’s office.

Parents will be able to join through their computer or Smartphone, enabling them to be a part of the virtual exam without having to leave work.

“There are a lot of kids in the region that do not have a physician. They don’t have a primary care provider. So we want kids you have access to the care”, said Niswonger CEO Lisa Carter.

The system is being used in thirty-seven schools in Bristol City, Greene County, and Kingsport City.

Niswonger hopes to have the clinics implemented throughout the region by the end of this school year’s semester.

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