FBI looking into claim of responsibility for NYC bombing


NEW YORK (AP) – The FBI is evaluating a claim of responsibility for the New York City bombing that was made on the social blogging service Tumblr. A law enforcement official told The Associated Press on Sunday that the FBI is aware of the posting and is working to determine its authenticity.

Meanwhile, federal investigators in Quantico, Virginia, are examining evidence from Saturday’s explosions in New Jersey and New York. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio says there’s no evidence that the two are related, but a connection hasn’t been ruled out.

According to one federal law enforcement official, devices in both explosions included cellphones, but the New Jersey device contained evidence of a black powder explosive. The official says in the New York incident, the device that exploded had residue from an explosive called Tannerite, which is often used in target shooting to mark a shot with a cloud of smoke and small explosion.

The official wasn’t authorized to discuss details of the ongoing investigation and spoke to The Associated Press on the condition of anonymity.

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