Battle at Bristol items for sale

BRISTOL – The Battle at Bristol may be over, but fans still have the chance to get their hands on some of the things that made it such an iconic event.

The banners, school flags and orange and maroon bulbs that illuminated the Bristol sign one week ago made Downtown unique.

“There were a lot of items we purchased to make the environment very fan friendly here,” said Beth Rhinehart, President and CEO of the Bristol Chamber of Commerce.

Now fans can take a piece of that school spirit home.

“On our website,, there is a store link, so it says visit our store, on that store are the regular banners and flags and bulbs,” Rhinehart said.

Some other unique items – the rock painted by a UT student, the Hokie wall and three signed banners – are being auctioned on eBay.

The Chamber said the extra funds are going back into the community.

“Once we recoup our cost invested in that, the proceeds from that will go directly to our education programs that we coordinate and run through the Bristol Chamber,” said Rhinehart.

Fans are curious about some other popular Battle at Bristol staples, like the turf.

“We’re probably going to work with someone to purchase that,” said Bristol Motor Speedway General Manager, Jerry Caldwell. “We can’t hold onto it. It doesn’t hold that well for a long period of time is what the turf company has told us.”

As for the countdown clock in Downtown Bristol, Caldwell said, “I’m not sure what we’re going to do with it right now. There are some good ideas, and we’ll just see what we decide. We’ll decide in the next week or so what we’re going to do with it.”

If you want to purchase any of the gear, head to There is a link to the online store and eBay site on the home page.

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