ARCH’s loss of funding could impact homeless veterans in the Tri-Cities

TRI-CITIES, TN/VA (WJHL)– A multi-million dollar federal grant to help homeless veterans in the Tri-Cities will not be renewed this year for one regional organization.arch2

The $2 million annual grant helps fund ARCH (the Appalachian Regional Coalition on Homelessness) and the Tennessee Valley Coalition for the Homeless in Knoxville, but those organizations learned last week that they will not be getting funding from the grant this year.

ARCH’s Finance Director Julie Beale says the grant is used for the rapid re-housing of homeless veterans and for the prevention of homelessness with at-risk vets. While ARCH will not be given the grant this year, Volunteers of America based out of Kentucky will be getting the grant and administering the funds in parts of the Tri-Cities.

arch“This is a competitive grant,” Beale said. “Our focus is always to have money to support veterans suffering from homelessness and we are and will continue to look for new grants and funding opportunities to help more people in need,” she said.

Volunteers of America’s Senior Director of Development Farrah Ferriell said, “Volunteers of America has been offering services for 120 years out of our Lousiville office and our affiliate has been operating services in the Tri-Cities area since 2002.”

“We started serving in that area to help homeless veterans who are literally living in the streets by helping them access affordable housing and comprehensive case management services so that they can continue to be self-sustainable,” Ferriell added. “Essentially, what the new funding opportunities have allowed us to do is to continue offering our evidence-based licensed accredited services to even more homeless veterans who need the help,” she said.

The grant’s funds to ARCH will end on September 30th with Volunteers of America picking up the grant at the beginning of October. Beale says ARCH will be able to re-apply for the grant in January.

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