Washington County, TN could be rezoning school districts

WASHINGTON COUNTY, TN (WJHL)- A proposal to rezone school districts in Washington County, Tennessee is set to go before the county’s commission in October. If the new proposed map passes, it could mean changes to who will represent your district on the Board of Education.rezone

A Washington County Commission subcommittee has been meeting for the past few months to discuss changes to county district lines.

Multiple Board of Education members said that they are not in favor of re-zoning. Some even said they believed the special committee meetings were being conducted to rezone parts of the county for the purpose of electing new commissioners, but Board of Education Chairman Jack Leonard says the board quickly began trying to meet with the committee after learning the committee also planned to rezone school districts.

rezone2Leonard said, “The representation on the school board is so important.”

“Our communities need to be represented correctly because we’re dealing with our children, our most important resource, and we definitely need to have districts to where it’s going to be an even representation of all of our committees,” he said.

Leonard said he believes the proposed map is not equally divided and hopes the commission will hear the board’s concerns and abstain from altering the current school district map until a new census is conducted in 2020.

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