BMS unveils Bucs at Bristol trophy

BRISTOL – Bristol Motor Speedway unveiled the hardware both teams are battling to get their hands on.

East Tennessee State University and Western Carolina University are fighting for a replica version of the Food City 300 trophy.

“I know these young athletes are going to really enjoy this experience, and one of them is going to take home that beautiful trophy,” said Food City President and CEO, Steve Smith.

But it is not the only piece that will commemorate a win on Saturday. The second is a tire used in a race back in August.

“This is going to be a great day for ETSU from the standpoint of the return to the Southern Conference, doing it in a venue like Bristol Motor Speedway, how many people get the chance to participate in something like this?” said Dr. Richard Sander, ETSU Director of Intercollegiate Athletics.

Both teams’ representatives addressed how the players are feeling about the big day.

“Most of them don’t really know the sheer magnitude yet,” said Daniel Hooker, Assistant Athletic Director for Media Relations at WCU. “I think once they walk onto the field and come through the gate and see the sheer magnitude of Bristol Motor Speedway, it’s going to really put it into perspective for them.”

“The thing that I’ve tried to convince our players of, let’s don’t play the game during the week, let’s wait until Saturday and play and get all the excitement and enthusiasm and emotion bundled into one,” said ETSU head football coach Carl Torbush.

So will this ETSU – Western Carolina matchup mark the last of its kind in BMS?

“Probably not. We’ll have another football game here I do believe,” said General Manager Jerry Caldwell.

Last weekend, BMS broke one attendance world record. This weekend, ETSU is hoping to break two: their record and the southern conference one.


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