Vicious attack with claw hammer caught on camera in south Alabama

MOBILE, AL (WKRG) – Blurry surveillance video shows the moments bartender Nancy Gipson thought her life was over.

“He could have killed me. If Denny hadn’t have been there, he would have killed me,” Gipson recalled.

She was closing up for the night at the Key West Lounge on Airport Boulevard with a friend and customer named Denny Daniels. They saw headlights in the parking lot and Gipson says a ‘regular’ named Jimmy Erickson walked inside.

” I said, ‘it’s just Jimmy,’ and he came in through the back door,” Gipson said.

“We had our back to him,” Daniels said. “We were just laughing and talking when he walked up behind us.”

The surveillance video shows the man walks up behind the two unsuspecting victims with what Gipson said is a clawhammer and begins slamming it over his victims repeatedly.

Daniels said he was knocked to the ground in one blow while Gipson was struck multiple times before the attacker turned and simply walked out the door.

“That’s when I walked over by the front door and saw Nancy lying there. To be honest with you, I thought she was dead,” Daniels said.

“I looked in the mirror by the bar and saw my forehead splayed open. I ran my fingers through my hair and blood was coming out everywhere. I told Denny, ‘it’s bad. it’s really bad. You have to call 911.’ Then I just lay on the floor until they got there,” Gipson said.

Gipson has hundreds of stitches, a bleed in her brain, and staples in her head. What’s worse, she fears her attacker may get off easy after checking himself into a hospital for treatment.

” They kicked me out of the hospital yet he can still get treated, eat food, take a shower,” she said. MPD Spokesperson Terence Perkins said that when Erickson is discharged officers will arrest and charge him with at least assault 2nd degree.

For the victims, they say that’s just not enough. ” He tried to kill me, so I would hope it’d be attempted murder,” Gipson said.

The incident happened in the early morning hours on Wednesday.

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