Study: Parents often give children the wrong dose of medicine

LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) – A new report claims 80 percent of parents give their children the wrong dose of liquid medicines.

A study published in the journal Pediatrics found parents are more likely to make mistakes when they use the measuring cups that come with medicines. While there’s a risk a child won’t get enough medicine, about two-thirds of the mistakes involved giving kids too much.

“Overdosing them can overload their organs like liver and kidneys and can cause damage to those organs,” said Dr. Rajiv Kalra, a physician with Wellspan Family and Sports Medicine.

3c0fc116068945878e53312bab4bcb01Researchers said confusion over labeling, dosing information, and language all lead to mistakes. Doctors said accuracy is important when it comes to liquid formulas, which is why they recommend parents use oral syringes.

“The reason is because of the control,” Kalra said. “You can have a better control of how much medicine you are putting in the syringe compared to a rough estimate in terms of how much they are getting in the cup.”

Kalra said parents often rely on the cups for convenience. He said parents who have questions about medicine should not hesitate to contact their doctor.

“They can always call us,” he said.

Kalra said parents can get free oral syringes at their local pharmacy.

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