Battle at Bristol cleanup requires 12 garbage trucks, volunteers

BRISTOL, TN (WJHL) – With a record breaking crowd of over 150.000 people at the world’s largest football game a massive clean up effort follows.

Waste Management workers tell News Channel 11 that 12 twelve trucks were used in the nearly 28 hour clean up project, in comparison to the usual seven they use for events. They said it’s the largest project they have conquered in our

District Operations Manager, Artie Scott said they’ve worked on trash pick up since 7 a.m. Sunday morning but he doesn’t mind the hard work.

“It’s been quite extensive, more trash than we usually pick up at the spring race or the fall race either one, a whole lot more. Its been fun, it has, I like a challenge, you know this has been a big challenge for us,” Scott said.

Even the Volunteer HS soccer teams came out and got their hands dirty in the spirit of volunteering.

“All the trash and all the cans and stuff, we are picking up like half the stadium. I got beer like all over my shoes,” soccer player, Brandon Wagner said.

The group has also been out since 7 a.m. helping getting Bristol Motor Speedway back into tip top shape. Scott said they are still calculating how much trash they’ve picked up.

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