Suspect in Zaevion Dobson murder in court

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – One of the men charged in the shooting death of teen Zaevion Dobson made his first appearance in court Wednesday.

Richard Williams was charged with first degree murder in the December shooting death of Zaevion Dobson. Zaevion Dobson, 15, was killed in shielding two girls from gunfire.

Williams walked into the courtroom with a new look. He wore dress clothes and his hair was cut shorter than in his mug shot. Zaevion Dobson’s mother, Zenobia was also in court wearing a pin with her son’s photo.

Richard Williams (Knoxville Police Department)
Richard Williams (Knoxville Police Department)

In court Williams told Judge Steven Sword he was indigent. Judge Sword appointed Attorney Aubrey Davis to his case.

Zenobia Dobson
Zenobia Dobson

The judge set a hearing date on September 16 so Williams’ co-defendant, Christopher Bassett could also be in court. Judge Sword said a trial date will be picked at the next hearing.

Bassett and Williams both face 27 charges. Williams also faces charges in a separate incident, according to court records. In April, Williams was charged with attempted first degree murder, failure to appear and possession of a controlled substance. Both are being held on a million dollar bond.

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