Presbyterian College offers “Religion of SEC Football” course

CLINTON, S.C. (WSPA) – A class at Presbyterian College is gaining national attention for taking on football and faith.

Dr. Terry Barr and Dr. Michael Nelson started the class called “Religion of SEC Football” about eight years ago.

Students ask questions and have discussions about the similarities.

“Football stadiums are like Mecca, you want to go there and worship for a few hours every day, you have the head coach who is like the minister, speaking from the pulpit,” Barr explained of the parallels.

Students tackle topics like how far is too far to be a devoted football fan. They watch films, read books, and write papers on finding their own statement of football faith.

Barr also hopes the students take away even more.

“Learning, while it isn’t always fun can be a balance of being serious and also being light and understand more about yourself. So we really think academically speaking it’s a good way for the students to learn more about themselves.”

The seminar for freshmen meets for an hour once a week and is full every year.

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