How to get tickets to the sold-out Battle at Bristol

BRISTOL, TN (WJHL)- Tickets to Battle at Bristol are sold out, but there are still ways for you to get your ticket in to the biggest college football game.

Driving down Volunteer Parkway you’ll see tents set up with people selling tickets to the sold-out game.

“We’re out here just trying to buy and sell a few tickets, buy low, sell a little higher,” Danny Hutchens who is reselling tickets said.

You can also find people selling tickets to the game on websites like eBay and Craigslist.

But Bristol Motor Speedway General Manager Jerry Caldwell said the only resale tickets BMS will vouch for are the ones on the site that BMS and Ticketmaster created.

“We worked with Ticketmaster to set up a website for people that, something has changed in their plans, they are not able to go to the game they can go on that website and sell their tickets,” Caldwell said.

There are still dozens of tickets for sale on the site.

As for the other tickets out there, “We really can’t tell you that those tickets are real,” Caldwell said. “You buy on the streets it may look real, it may be a real ticket at one time but someone could’ve come here and told us that they had lost their tickets, we reprinted their tickets for them and you’re buying the cancelled ticket.”

To go to BMS’s Ticketmaster website click here. For information about the game click here.

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